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The advantages of working with us
The Russian market is traditionally attractive for the development of foreign trade. Many global corporations have recognized the importance of this market. Some of them built their own productions and now it works and brings them profit.
The "VVS" company works in order to help the foreign companies and their representative offices in Russia to successfully promote their products to the markets of our country. The companies appealed to us we relieve them from mistakes in choosing a product, a partner and contract prices!
We provide information support to more than 800 companies from 27 countries on a permanent basis.
We help our clients to:

  • find reliable trading partners;
  • set the optimal price for the product;
  • determine the most demanded product range;
  • identify the most promising region for sales;
  • accurately plan the volume of sales.

A key advantage of the VVS is the ability to conduct a comprehensive marketing analysis using data from several types of statistics. While conducting researches the analysts and experts of VVS study the database of customs statistics, statistics of Russian production, railway transportation, tender trade.
Our marketing analyses provide companies with absolutely accurate information about the volumes of the Russian markets, competitors, the dynamics of consumption. That is why our clients are actively developing on the market and increase their profits!
Our clients are the leading global corporations in many industries: TOSHIBA, SIEMENS, METRO C&C, VOLVO, CATERPILLAR, DE LA TOUR CAVES & DISTILLERIES, MITSUI & CO., DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY, AGC, SAINT-GOBAIN, KNAUF, NOLTE KUCHEN and many others. Analyzing the activities of our regular customers we conclude that they have increased their market shares and volumes of supplies to Russia in several times!

Customer Reviews
Better ourselves about us can only tell our customers
Statistical analysis of commodity markets of the company VVS: Analysis of import, export and production.
The Grunwald Plant
This information allows us to better forecast the rapidly changing situation on the market, to find points of growth and development...
I would like to underline the flexibility of VVS in the informational format, that was specially prepared be the experts of VVS upon our request...
More than 800 companies from 27 countries trust us


A webinar of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s "Food Trade between Russia and the UAE: Opportunities and Success Stories"
On November 23, the CEO of VladVneshService spoke at a webinar for enterprises from Morocco.
SEO of VladVneshService Zhanna Martynova made a presentation on South Africa at the webinar "Taste South Africa".
A period of continuous growth was 15 months.
In the 2nd quarter of 2017 market in money terms amounted to $ 1 million per quarter.
The growth of export during 2nd quarter of 2017 amounted to +72% compared to the 2nd quarter of 2016.
100% is exported exactly from Sverdlovsk region.
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