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The advantages of working with us
Do you deal with promotion at the export/import markets, industrial advancement or B2B services?

Do you want to be the FIRST in the place and at the time of market pull?

What can we give you for these purposes?

You can get INFORMATION for strategic decisions on the bases of the goods market statistics – statistics of new generations.

Import statistics and export statistics of analytical company "VVS" like navigator of business help to move in advance: we reconstruct market statistics of Russian Federal State Statistics Service (ROSSTAT) Federal Customs Service, Ministry of Railways, Federal Tax Service, State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and other services from “raw” into “ready-made dish”. Russian Custom Statistics of analytical company VVS does not only presents data it REFERES TO THE POINT WHERE THERE IS A MARKET PULL and WHERE IT GROWS.

We are the FIRST to detect the growing market pull – You are the FIRST to use it. As a result you are going in the right direction, taking strategic decisions according to the market pull, and are not hesitating having plain statistics, or plain analytics.

P.S. Summarizing the results of 2014 – not a single our permanent client has aggravated his market positions. And this is low. As for our company – according to the request results of the Russian Marketing Managers Guild gets into the ТОР-5 best 2010 researching companies.

We have patent for our best researches.
Our VVS company is №1 for export/import statistics in Russia.

+7 495 565 35 51 /  8 800 555 34 20

The list of ready researches:

The List of manufactures of perfumes and cosmetics (OKVED 24.52) and pharmaceutical products (OKVED 24.4) in Russia 20000 Rub / 400 USD / 350 Euro

Analysis of Russian import of milk substitutes 2012-2014 38000 Rub / 800 USD / 720 Euro

Analysis of import to Russia of Faceted elements and mirrors with facets during January - September  2012 12000 Rub / 250 USD / 230 Euro

The analysis of Russian and Ukranian import deliveries of glass insulators for 2011 - May 2013 35000 Rub / 700 USD / 650 Euro

Analytical research of sheet float glass, tempered glass (stalinit) and multilayer triplex glass in Russia and Kazakhstan 2012-2013 91000 Rub / 1820 USD / 1520 Euro

Financial statement of one Russian company 12000 Rub / 250 USD / 230 Euro

Analysis of imported float glass to Russia 2013-2014 52000 Rub / 1200 USD / 1100 Euro

The analysis of tenders in Russia for mammographs 45000 Rub / 1000 USD / 900 Euro

Analytical research of CIS market of sheet float glass 2012 – 1st half 2013 69000 Rub / 1400 USD / 1200 Euro

Analytical research of Russian market of sheet float glass 2013-2014 95000 Rub / 1900 USD / 1600 Euro

Analysis of import to Russia of equipment for the heavy-duty laundry industry during 2011 – 2013 31000 Rub / 580 USD / 520 Euro

Analysis of import to Russia of glass mosaic and cubes for decorative finishing works during January - September 2012 18000 Rub / 390 USD / 350 Euro

Analysis of Russian import deliveries of water meters and their parts, of heat meters during 2013 20000 Rub / 420 USD / 350 Euro

Analysis of import to Russia of decorative mirrors during 2011 - September 2012 12000 Rub / 250 USD / 230 Euro

Analysis of Russian import deliveries of steel valves and valve parts during 2013 25000 Rub / 520 USD / 430 Euro

Import of pasta with toppings 2013 25000 Rub / 520 USD / 430 Euro

Analysis of import to Russia of x-ray glass during 2011 - September 2012 10000 Rub / 230 USD / 210 Euro

Analysis of Russian import deliveries of connectors and contact elements for wires and cables during 2013 26000 Rub / 530 USD / 440 Euro 

The marketing research of egg powder import during 2011-1st half  2014 and the forecast till 2017 45000 Rub / 920 USD / 790 Euro

Research of import of tires (pneumatic, new, rubber) for buses and motor vehicles by HS Code 401120 for 2012-2013 68000 Rub / 1400 USD / 1200 Euro

Production in Russia of new tires, tires for trucks, buses and trolleys in 2012-2013 42000 Rub / 850 USD / 720 Euro

The research of Russian market of glass containers for 2013-2014 74000 Rub / 1650 USD / 1360 Euro

The advanced research of  Russian market of glass containers for 2013-2014 140000 Rub / 3500 USD / 2600 Euro

The analysis of Russian market of glass furnace 2013 68000 Rub / 1400 USD / 1200 Euro

Export/Import Statistics for Foreign Trade Development
Import and export custom statistics (statistics codes) - is an analytical tool that allows you to get complete information on the market of import and export of certain goods, the dynamics of supply, prices rise or fall, as well as the composition of the participants of foreign trade.
Market researches
Market researches provide information on the volume of the market, its participants and their parts, the consumer market, as well as analysis of the trends of its development, including projections for several years.
Railway Statistics for Increase of Railway Cargo Traffic
Rail transport statistics provides details of the import, export, domestic and transit traffic, as well as statistics on the basis of freight cars (specifications, owners, tenants, the station registry, etc.)
Best goods for import and export with Russia
For expansion into new markets use VVS – foreign trade statistics showing increasing export/import market. Avoid tough competition, appear in the right place at the right time – where the demand is and market starts active increasing.   
The analysis of production and base of Russian enterprises
Client base is a database that includes full information about all companies working in a particular market segment. Using this base when entering the Russian market you will absolutely be able to find new partners and check their reliability, analyzing their financial indicators.
Car Park Statistics for Commercial Vehicles Sales
Company VVS provides statistical data on the composition of the vehicle fleet in Russia with an indication of range and year of manufacture.
Social survey (Public opinion poll)
One of the most important tools of building effective marketing strategy and success campaign is to carry out surveys and questionnaires.
Analysis of tenders and auctions
Our analytical reports of tender trade are of particular interest for foreign companies wishing to enter the Russian market. This is a list of currently open and already closed tenders announced by Russian State and commercial companies for the purchase of goods.


Small part of the companies making use of our services
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