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Our analytical reports of tender trade are of particular interest for foreign companies wishing to enter the Russian market. This is a list of currently open and already closed tenders announced by Russian State and commercial companies for the purchase of goods.

Due to this report the companies analyze their potential customers and direct competitors.

Using this data you will easily find clients who are interested to buy your product right now and you will be aware of the actions of your competitors, their pricing policy. And therefore you will be able afterwards to denote the optimal cost under the contract in order to win the auction!

Download for free a demo version for analysis of tenders here.

In doubt, if tenders and auctions are declares for the purchase of goods similar to yours in Russia? Let's check it! Just send us an email to inbox@vvs-info.ru and write there a required product and within 1 day we will contact you and let you know the results for free!

Please avoid delay! Maybe right now the contracts are issued by dozens of supplies of your products.
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