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Russian market researches of import/export supplies (customs database)

Import and export customs statistics – is an analytical tool, a detailed database by each foreign trade declaration.

We offer the most detailed information about the situation on the Russian and global markets. Profound data allow getting the information about the Russian market volumes, its participants and their market shares (manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, customers), analysis of market trends, including forecasts for several years. We pay attention to specifics of the Russian market and state regulations.

Ordering market research in our company you will get absolutely accurate and the most complete information about the market. Due to this information, you can develop your business in Russia and predict sales for the near future.

The structure of a market research of import/export supplies:

Basic Adv. V.I.P.
1 Summary and brief analytical information about the state of the market
List/Rating of suppliers (name, address, country, volumes USD/kg, market share)



Analysis of Foreign manufacturers
List/Rating of manufacturers (name, country, volumes USD/kg, market share)



Analysis of Russian customers
(rating number, address, director, phone, volumes, market share)
Analysis of Russian regions-customers
(rating number, volumes, market share)
Detailed analysis of customers’ preferences by each trade supply
(supplier / manufacturer / customer / contract price / weight / goods description / Incoterms / date of shipment etc.)
7 Incoterms
8 Import dynamics
New companies on the market
(suppliers / manufacturers / customers)
10 Analysis of average contract prices
11 Competitive positions changes by the market leaders
(suppliers / manufacturers / customers)
12 Forecast for the recent 3 / 5 / 10 years
13 World trade, the share of Russia in total foreign trade
14 Data by production in Russia
15 Presentation in Word and PDF
16 Tutorial book: How to profitably trade with Russia (10 steps) Bonus Bonus Bonus

From our experience, we can say that ready ratings of foreign companies do much to facilitate the study of your market. Moreover, the rest of our bonuses are valuable and useful. So once again, learn all pricing options and select your variant.

Basic Advanced V.I.P.
Period of preparing: 3-7 days 5-10 days 10-20 days
Price: 300 USD - 900 USD 500 USD – 1700 USD 1000 USD – 4000 USD

The exact price and timing depends on the analyzed market and goods. Analyzing a small market the price is lower; analyzing a complex big market the price is higher.

The price and timing is presented for a research in the Russian language. We can translate researches to any language. Usually it takes us 3-10 additional days and 100 - 500 USD for translation.

Order the analysis of import or export supplies of your goods and we guarantee:

1. The accuracy of the source data

Unlike other marketing agencies we do not provide raw unprocessed customs statistics because self-selection of the data leads to the loss of information and distortion of analysis results nine times out of ten.

2. A reliable picture of the market

We perform the analysis of any market of import and export. Moreover we provide the high accuracy of the selection of supplies as we carry out rapid search in all sections of customs statistics. As a result the customer receives an analysis showing a true picture of the market including: a complete list of participants, the exact calculation of the market size and the exact market shares of its participants, the exact variation of contract prices, the exact dynamics of the changes of volumes in time, a full range of imported goods.

3. The speed of decision making

The study of our analysis usually takes no more than an hour. This is due to convenient tables and clear infographics. Usually by the end of the study of our materials the customers already have a clear plan of actions: what new clients to attract to the company, whom to consider as a new supplier, in which direction to change the contract price or how to extend/change the range of products.

4. The opportunity of obtaining unique newsletters with the most relevant news in your industry.

Each week our analysts and experts write news on the most promising foreign markets. In order to keep yourself updated – subscribe for free to our unique news line!

5. The possibility of analysis of customs statistics of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries of the world.

You can order the analysis of import and export supplies not only by the Russian customs statistics, but also Ukrainian, Kazakh customs statistics and other countries. It will allow you to get much more useful information for making important strategic decisions, taking into consideration the fact that Russia has always had close partnerships with the countries of the Customs Union and the CIS.

Management decisions resulting from Russian market research studying allow you to:

Advantages of marketing research from VVS:

Unique computational techniques

Experts of our company developed a unique technique of calculations of production broken down by the Russian manufacturers, which allows determining the share of the major players in the market.

In addition to the production volumes of goods the experts of VVS are able to calculate the consumption volumes of goods that will help to determine the size of the surplus or shortage of products on the market.

Statistics of production

It is of high importance to know the volumes of production for understanding the situation on the market. Therefore, any marketing research is not complete without the analysis of production volumes inside the country. It can be both nationwide data, data in the regional cut and information broken down by domestic manufacturers, allowing not only to estimate the size of the domestic market but also to monitor the situation of the main competitors.

Products consumption

Consumption is one of the most important characteristics of the market allowing assessing in what demand the product is in an analyzed period. Our experts provide an analysis of the consuming industries in Russia as a whole and for individual regions. A comparison of consumption volumes with production/import volumes allows understanding whether the consumer is reaching to domestic or foreign product on this product market.

Forecast calculations

The experts of VVS will prepare for you reliable short-term and long-term forecasts. The calculation is based on the dynamics of production and consumption of products and also our experts take into account external conditions (the current Russian legislation, planning legislation, economic situation, etc.). We will show both optimistic and pessimistic scenario.

At your request, we are ready to strengthen our reports using the data obtained as a result of field research (opinion polls, consumers’ questionnaires, conducting competitive intelligence, etc.).

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- Number of Russian customers
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- HS Codes
Individual commercial offer for high-accurate research of your market

Research samples:

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