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Our company conducts statistical researches for Russian and foreign companies concerning databases of registered cars in Russia and concerning foreign trade markets’ analysis of cars and vehicles. The most popular are: a database of heavy commercial vehicles, a database of passenger cars, a database of light commercial vehicles. The database is provided with the indication of a model range and a year of manufacture.

These data will allow you to:

• understand what vehicles are in corporate fleet of the companies;
• find new customers for your products;
• assess the necessity to expand the network of service centers for repair of motor vehicles and trailer equipments;
• clearly plan the deliveries of spare parts for cars and trailers to different regions;
• analyze regional preferences of customers by marks of vehicles and trailer equipments.

Database of registered cars and vehicles represents the total number of vehicles that are registered in the traffic police (GIBDD). According to our company’s classification all vehicles are divided into several groups:

· passenger cars;

· light commercial vehicles (LCV);

· heavy commercial vehicles (HCV) ;

· buses;

· pick-ups;

· trailers and semi-trailers.

Download for free the data layout of the registered cars.

Database of new registrations - is an ideal product for analysing the sales of new vehicles. Having a finished market analysis of registered cars you will learn the preferences of vehicle owners to a particular brand and modification, as there is a detailed description of the model range and the year of manufacture.

Databases can be presented in the following variants:

• Database of physical persons;
• Database of legal entities (identification number and address of the owner) – current information;
• Database of vehicles broken down by: mark, model, year of manufacture;
• New registrations (monthly).

    The analysis of the car market will help you to determine how many equipment is in the possession of this or that legal entity and in which region of Russia.

    Based on this data you will be able to make the right decisions on strategic business development.

    To obtain more complete data about passenger cars market we advise you to use financials indicators of cars sales in Russia.

    Due to this report you will learn:

    - the distribution of cars sales by segments (in Russia, by Federal districts, by each region separately);

    - the change of the average price by segment of cars (in Russia, by Federal districts, by each region separately);

    - TOP 30 of brands by turnover (in Russia, by Federal districts, by each region separately);

    - TOP 40 of models by turnover (in Russia, by Federal districts, by each region separately).

    Databases of cars and vehicles and their registrations from VVS will allow you
    to successfully enter the Russian market and receive a steady income from sales!
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