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Russian Customs Statistics of foreign trade is an analytical tool that allows getting full information about the import and export markets of certain goods, the dynamics of supplies, the rise or fall of prices, and the participants of foreign trade.

We are absolutely confident that the analysis of import and export supplies (customs statistics) is a powerful tool of marketing activity of any company that works with a certain product. It helps companies to successfully enter a new foreign market and actively move there.

85% of companies working with us use this kind of statistics to analyze and plan their marketing activities.

Management decisions resulting from the study of import and export supplies allow the companies to:

1. Increase their market shares;

2. Expand client portfolio with reliable trading partners;

3. Optimize the company’s product portfolio in accordance with the demand;

4. Maintain efficient pricing policy;

5. Plan sales with confidence;

6. Anticipate competitors' actions!

Standard analysis of import / export supplies includes:

- rating of foreign suppliers / buyers*,

- rating of companies – manufacturers*,

- rating of Russian regions-buyers / regions-suppliers,

- rating of Russian importers / exporters*,

- analysis of customer preferences with detailed information of each delivery, completed with data about the Russian importers and the sizes of customs duty rates and excise taxes.

     *All ratings are given in the unified format in the designation of companies. Therefore it excludes the duplication of one and the same company in different ways of writing.

All these items are completed with vivid charts that allow visualizing the current market situation.

Order the analysis of import or export supplies of your goods and we guarantee:

1. The accuracy of the source data

Unlike other marketing agencies we do not provide raw unprocessed customs statistics because self-selection of the data leads to the loss of information and distortion of analysis results nine times out of ten.

2. A reliable picture of the market

We perform the analysis of any market of import and export. Moreover we provide the high accuracy of the selection of supplies as we carry out rapid search in all sections of customs statistics. As a result the customer receives an analysis showing a true picture of the market including: a complete list of participants, the exact calculation of the market size and the exact market shares of its participants, the exact variation of contract prices, the exact dynamics of the changes of volumes in time, a full range of imported goods.

3. The speed of decision making

The study of our analysis usually takes no more than an hour. This is due to convenient tables and clear infographics. Usually by the end of the study of our materials the customers already have a clear plan of actions: what new clients to attract to the company, whom to consider as a new supplier, in which direction to change the contract price or how to extend/change the range of products.

4. The opportunity of obtaining unique newsletters with the most relevant news in your industry.

Each week our analysts and experts write news on the most promising foreign markets. In order to keep yourself updated – subscribe for free to our unique news line!

5. The possibility of analysis of customs statistics of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries of the world.

You can order the analysis of import and export supplies not only by the Russian customs statistics, but also Ukrainian, Kazakh customs statistics and other countries. It will allow you to get much more useful information for making important strategic decisions, taking into consideration the fact that Russia has always had close partnerships with the countries of the Customs Union and the CIS.

Order the analysis of import and export of a particular product and simultaneously with our offer you will get a free express-counting of the key market parameters of your product!

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