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AB Cements is the leading supplier of cement into Russia!


The company VVS conducted an analytical study of imported cement to Russia (HS Code 2523).
Research period: July 2015.
The analysis included: 424 foreign trade deliveries from 20 countries all over the world.
Total sales amounted to
12.2 million USD.
The most active import is observed from the following countries: Islamic Republic of Iran (6 companies), Lithuania (2 companies), Turkey (4 companies), South Korea (3 companies).
There were 90 customers. The highest volumes of purchases belonged to LTD “FILD”, LTD "Garant-East", LTD "Capitalinvest", LTD "Primstroyresurs".
There were 57 foreign suppliers. The biggest sales belongs to AB Akmenes Cementas, Cemex, Adana Cimento Sanayii T.A.S., Shahroud Cement CO.

Do you want to be informed of changes in competitors volumes  and their contracts?

Order the detailed import and export analysis of those goods deliveries that you are interested in "VVS" - Informational Analytical Company. There you are realizing the partners’ preferences, the description of the delivering production nomenclature, contract prices, logistics of deliveries. Moreover a lot of other conditions of the external economic trade can be analyzed.

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