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Export of honey grew by +230,3%!


The VVS company conducted a marketing analysis of the growing markets of Russiaby the results of the 3rdquarter of 2015.

As a result we discovered new points of growth in Russian import.

The criteria for selection of commodity markets into the rating are:

·         the high rate of market activity;

·         turnover more than 500 thousand USD/quarter;

·         the rate of growth to the same quarter of the last year is above 10%.

In the 3rd quarter 2015 the high volume of exportsis honey underthe relevant HS code 0409000000.

In the 3rdquarter 2015 honey export market in monetary terms amounted to 1,6 million USD. The growth of export during this quarter amounted to +230,3% compared to the 3rd quarter of 2014. A period of sustained growth is 9 months. The activity coefficient is 6,6. The activity coefficient is determined by a calculation based on the period of the existence and the nature of the growth of the commodity market on the basis of the author's methodology of the company (this method is reserved by a patent).

It is worth noting that 23 Russian regions are engaged in export of honey. The leading region of the sales is the Primorye territory. More than 57,6% of honey exported exactly from this region.

The leader among purchases countries is China with a share in the export of 84,4%.

The news is prepared on a quarterly industry research "Russian growing export and import markets" by
a VVS company.

Order a free of charge Express count of your product, which will reflect the total figures for the market:

·         total volume of imports/exports;

·         the number of Russian companies;

·         the number of deliveries.

Our analysts will provide you with free Express count within 3 days!

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