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Client base is a database that includes full information about all companies working in a particular market segment. Using this base when entering the Russian market you will absolutely be able to find new partners and check their reliability, analyzing their financial indicators.

1. Our company is pleased to provide you with a full range of services on the base of the ROSSTAT statistics, including statistics of production and consumption, client bases, the consumer price index, investment volumes in different branches of economy. This information is of particular value in the calculation of the basic marketing metrics, in the financial analysis of potential partners, in organization of competitive intelligence, in the e-mail newsletters.

Client base of existing companies is a database that includes full information about all companies active in the Russian market. Information about companies allows you to quickly find new trading partners in Russia, thus expanding the market for its own products, as well as to get more information about possible competitors who are already producing similar products.

We can say with confidence that such a database is a very effective tool for business development. So, acquiring a complete database of existing companies you contribute to the development of your business.

We can form a list of existing companies on regional, branch or any other criterion. The final client base report of existing enterprises contains the following information:

- the name of the company,

- phone,

- address,

- field of activity,

- revenue for the last full calendar year,

- financial analysis,

- INN,

- base of owners,

- base of directors,

- much more.

Due to this data you can check the reliability of your suppliers and contractors, conduct competitive intelligence, find out the investment attractiveness of the enterprise.

To get more information about your competitors and potential clients - ORDER a base of companies of an industry or region you are interested in and build the right marketing strategy of development of your market in Russia.

Statistics of production in Russia include information about the volume of produced goods and provided services both in the whole country, and regionally, and for certain positions – broken down by the enterprises. With the help of these statistics of production you can easily know the size of the market in which your company operates, calculate your own market share and shares of competitors, evaluate the real volume of consumption of your products (analyzing consuming sector) and you will be able to clearly determine a production and sales plan for your enterprise for the expansion of the market.

Learn now the sample of Statistics of production broken down by regions (for free), make an order for a detailed analysis and plan the exact volumes of production and sales knowing the last actions of your competitors!

For decision making about the development of trade with the CIS countries and conducting more extensive analysis of these markets we recommend you to use advanced statistics of production of Ukraine and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

We are sure that when planning an entering the Russian market one of the most important things is the price determination. After the analysis of current Russian prices for a particular product prepared by our analysts you will be able to define the optimal price when signing new contracts with partners in Russia.

Download for free a sample of a base of consumer prices

Download for free a sample of a base of producer prices

Download for free a sample of a base of dynamics of producers’ price index

Download for free a sample of a base of regional investments

Download for free a sample of a base of investments in fixed capital
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