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Import of derivatives of hydrocarbons containing only sulphonic-acid groups has increased 4.5 fold!


The volume of imports of derivatives of hydrocarbons containing only sulphonic-acid groups, their salts and complex ethyl esters by HS code 2904100000 for March-may 2014 exceeded $ 2.1 million, which is 348% higher than the same period last year. 57% of the imports of these products accounted for the Netherlands.         

31 Russian companies have taken part in trading of this product. Among Russian importers OOO “Neftehim" (Limited Liability Company) is a leader with a market share of 46.7% .


Do you want to get more detailed information about import and export of Your market? Order a detailed analysis of import and export supply in the information-analytical company “VVS”.


The report is based on data quarterly industry bulletin "Growing export and import markets. Chemistry and Petrochemistry.


* Analysis of imports and exports Russia is excluding trade with Belarus Republic and Kazakhstan Republic.

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